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:: Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll Frequently Asked Questions

How many messages can I send in one hour?
The speed depends on your GSM modem and specifically the network used:
For a 2G GSM network, it’s about 600 per hour as the maximum.
For a 2.5G GSM network, it’s about 900 per hour as the maximum.
For a 3G GSM network, it’s about 1800 per hour as the maximum.

I have connected my GSM modem/phone to my serial port but Logiccode SMS is not working. It says 'Modem was not found on the specified serial port'. What should I do?
Make sure the connection between the modem and the PC is proper. To check whether the connection is working properly Open the Windows Hyperterminal. Select the appropriate commmunication parameters (PortNo, BaudRate, DataBits,Parity etc). Type the command 'AT' and hit enter key. The modem should respond with a OK. If the modem deosn't respond with OK then use different baud rates and try again.
After OK is returned disconnect modem from Hypertermial and then use our sample VB6 application and enter the same communication parameters as entered above in the HyperTerminal. Click 'Open' button to test if the serial port is opening successfully.

When I try to send a test message, I get "Cannot set PDU length" error.
Try the following....
a) Please check whether the Phone No you are trying to send SMS is valid. If it is invalid then this error occurs as the phone SMSC is unable to find the destination address.
b) Also check if the modem/phone network signal is weak or completely lost.
c) Before sending SMS try to set the SMSC number used by using the 'SMSC' property.

Does Logiccode GSM SMS work with CDMA mobiles/modems?
As the name implies, Logiccode SMS will work on GSM modems only. Control for CDMA is under development. Contact us if you require our beta for CDMA SMS.

What is the difference between STANDARD, PROFESSIONAL and ADVANCED License?
STANDARD license allows you to send sms only, PROFESSIONAL allows you to send/read/delete sms send/read/delete sms while ADVANCED License allows you to send/read/delete sms and also send Wap Push messages. For more information on available features in different types of Licenses please check Software License section.

Which is better GSM Modem or GSM Phone?
For robust and for applications running continuosly we recommend you to use GSM Modem. The reason behind this is GSM phones normally run on battery power and get heated up when they are used for sending/receiving large number of messages. Also GSM phones get hanged up when used for prolonged periods. On the other hand GSM modems normally run directly from power source and are faster in terms of performance and are quite stable. They do not get heated up quickly and can be used for prolonged periods without any problems.

My Phone has a data cable and Bluetooth facility. Which method is better to connect the phone to my PC when using Logiccode SMS?
USB/Serial Data cable is recommended type of connection because it's stable and fast. Bluetooth is wireless thus very convenient. It's also stable though speed is less than USB or serial cable. Infra red is not recommended because the wireless range is very short and unstable.

Can I use 2 phones connected to a single PC with Logiccode GSM SMS? Is Logiccode GSM SMS thread safe?
Yes you can connect upto 256 devices connected to a single PC. Logiccode GSM supports mutliple instancing. You have to create a separate instance of Logiccode SMS for every device connected to PC. Logiccode SMS is completely thread safe.

What is more reliable USB modem or a Serial port modem?
GSM serial modem is more suitable for long term and continuos operations than a USB modem due to
a) GSM modem require no modem drivers, are reliable, are specifically designed for Industrial operations, are robust, have external power supply, designed for 24/7 operations and have external anteena for improved range.
b) USB modem require drivers which might be not reliable, not designed for 24/7 operations, no antenna, multiple USB drivers can cause conflict, powered from USB port which might be not suffcient. However they are suitable for non 24/7 operations, are very cheap, good for end user based modem apps, readily available, portable.

We need to design a system for 24/7 operation? What type of device is recommened by you?
FFor 24/7 operations we recommend a GSM serial modem and not a USB modem for the reason explained in above FAQ. Siemens TC35i and Wavecom MOD2 would be the ideal ones.

I need to distribute Logiccode GSM SMS dll. Which License I should purchase?
You need to purchase STANDARD-DISTRBUTION or PROFESSIONAL-DISTRIBUTION or ADVANCED-DISTRIBUTION license depending upon features required by you. For more information on available features in different types of Licenses please check Software License section.

LCSMS is not able to read messages from my phone. It keeps returning the error"Cannot set the specified Inbox message memory storage area for reading of SMS". What might be the problem?
Most of the newer mobile phones(mostly Nokia symbian based) does not support reading of SMS via AT commands. Logiccode SMS will not be able to read messages from such phones. This is not a software limitation but a limitation in the phone device itself. Some of popular models of phones which do not support reading of SMS are all models of Nokia symbian series 60 (N73,N72,N70,6630,9300,E61,6300,6234 etc). We recommend you to try out a "W" series from Sony Erricson for such cases.

When sending the SMS sometimes, I get Error:1023 +CMS Error:0. What does this error imply?
CMS Error 0 ia an unknown error which is caused due to various factors such as destination no invalid, poor signal strength, modem not responding at that point etc.
You can try the following to resolve it
1. Check the COM port settings like Baudrate,Flow Control. Set it according to the modem manual.
2. Make sure the latest version of Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll is installed.
3. The SIM card has min balance to send a SMS.
4. Try sending the SMS only with any of the sample provided.

When sending large number of messages the error "Modem on the specified serial port failed to respond after specified time." is returned for some. Why is it so?
This error occurs when our dll issues a command to the modem and waits for a response from the modem until the timeout period(as specified in the Timeout property). This generally occurs in GSM phones more than in GSM modems. Try increasing the Timout value in such cases.

Will Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll work with my ABC modem?
Logiccode GSM SMS ActiveX Dll supports any ETSI GSM 07.05/07.07 compatible GSM modems such as Wavecom, Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Siemens, Motorola etc and mobile phones having a modem and that supports AT commands such as Nokia, Sony-Ericsson, Motorola, Siemens, Samsung etc.
We highly recommend you to test our dll with the modem you intend to use before purchasing it. No refunds will be made for any non-working modem after the purchase.

I can't send an unicode sms using ABC programming language but when I use your Vb6 unicode sample or .net sample it works.
To send/receive an Unicode(multilingual) SMS, the programming language you use must support Unicode characters(variables in the language must be able to handle Unicode characters). To display Unicode characters in the programming language used the controls in the progamming language must be Unicode aware.
.Net is one such language which is fully unicode compliant i.e it has Unicode aware controls and Unicode character support.
Vb 6 supports Unicode characters but its controls are not Unicode aware and this is the primary reason we made a different sample for VB 6 Unicode which uses Microsoft Forms Controls(not redistributable) which are Unicode aware. Same is the case with Delphi 7 which supports Unicode charcters but its controls are not Unicode aware.

When an Unicode SMS is received it is displayed as ???? in my computer. What might be the reason?
Please read the above FAQ for the solution. Also appropriate OS Languange pack must be installed to display the Unicode characters. You can install packs supplied by Windows directly by using Windows Control Panel->Regional and Language Options-> Languages tab.

Please advise if I can set the SMS senders number to a name?
Senders number to a name is a telecom service provider feature. Contact your service provider for more details. It cannot be implemented.

Using the source code in demo, the date displayed as "16/01/14" but when I changed the date format to mm/dd/yy in regional settings of computer the date is then displayed as "01/14/16". Why is it so?
The date/time is returned in string format "dd/mm/yy hh:mm:ss" . You will have to parse the string to take out the date value and the time value and the use the appropriate functions in your programming language to convert it to a DATE variable and TIME variable to make it work even if you change the regional settings. It will not work if you pass the InboxTime function to your date/time conversion functions in your programming language since it is a string value and not a DATE/TIME variable of your language.


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